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Our lives have changed because of this great company Saba!  We have the support, the products and the technology to set our own schedules and work from home.  This business is truely a blessing and we are looking for other team members to train and grow with.  This is not a 'here today, gone tomorrow' opertation.  This company is sound finacially and has the infrasturcture to make you a great second income.  Some of the associates are using Saba as their primary source of income.  Having the freedom of setting your own schedule and helping people acheive a healthier lifestyle is a great job, a great opportunity.  We invite you to research other companies and you will find our compensation plan is second to none.  We will help you ever step of the way once you join our team.  You don't have to purchase a lot of inventory or pay some huge startup entry fee.  Let us show you the WAY!  You can email us at or call us direct at, 615 332 5201.


Saba distributes nutritional supplements made from natural ingredients to millions of consumers around the world. Saba products are developed to aid in energy and weight management, immune system enhancement, digestive health, mens and womens health, muscle and joint health and personal care. Our exclusive products are available through our more than 20,000 independent distributors nationwide.Saba is spearheading a grassroots MOVEMENT that is changing lives all over America - improving health, wellness and youthfulness, and creating financial freedom for every life it touches. Saba is on a mission to spread the knowledge of health and wellness, by using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver our products and our message. In doing this, more of every dollar is shared with our growing Saba family.Think about your future. Where will you and your family be 5 years from now? You may know where you want to be, but do you know how you are going to get there? Do you have a plan? Now, more than ever, it’s up to you to define your future.When you join the growing Saba family, we provide you with all the training and tools to develop your business with minimal investment. Our family will take you under their wings and mentor you to success. It’s a family that cares about your success. We are in the business of changing lives!

Here are some of the testimonies:

Holly said:

I lost 40 pounds, went from a size 14 to a size 4-6 and have kept it off for over a year! I am fully committed to The Movement because I have seen the change in myself and so many others. I want this for everyone, so it's very important that I spread the word about Saba products, fitness and nutrition. 

Sara said:

I joined a gym, started eating clean, cut back on starchy foods and stuck to my daily Saba product regimen. Now I finally have power over food!

We don't have to make up stories we have tons of happy endings.  Get your own business today and we will show you how to build your team.  The internet is a powerful tool and we can show you the way!  Call us today.


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Donna & Steven Sigmon

Authorized Saba Distributors

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