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February 17, 2015

We are looking for leaders that want to make a second income from home for a First Class Company, with products that sell themselves.

How do you get Started?
We can get your business off to a fast start with a compensation plan second to none.  You don’t have to know everything about the products or about the plan.  We will show you how to get the products in the hands of interested buyers.  These products are safe, effective and very economical when compared to the competition.

How do you get paid?
Everyone wants to GET PAID, but spreading the word and getting the products in people’s hands is where the money is at.  We live in a fast pace world and customers don’t want fluff.  These products work, bottom line and we can prove it.  Therefore getting paid is the easy part. There are SEVEN ways to make money as a Saba Associate! From the moment you are enrolled, you will receive your very own FREE Retail Website where you can immediately send your Customers to place their orders!  Saba will ship the products to your Customers and you will earn the Profit on your Sales each week!  The technology to place orders and keep track of customer is included with your free retail website and is the backbone of your business. 

Plus you'll make Bonuses and Commissions on your Sales and for signing up your own Associates and Preferred Customers! There are NEVER any quotas or contracts. This business is not one where you have to sign up 10 people and they have to sign up 10 people and pray you get paid. We will train you how to use the power of the internet to market products that sell and help people live healthier lifestyles.

The Saba Compensation Plan
Here is the official Saba Compensation Plan, but you need not worry about that at this time.  We will show you how to succeed.  If you succeed, we succeed.  We will coach you on all the details and you WILL get paid. 


Start your business now and earn while you learn!
When you register as an Associate for as little as $59 plus shipping & tax, you will receive a 60 ct bottle of Saba ACE or Saba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000, and seven of the 2 capsule sample packs.  We will also personally train you on how to get your feet off the ground and get you on your way to a fast start.  The fear of starting something new is daunting, but we are here for you, every step of the way.  Remember, if you succeed, we succeed.

Let us show you the way! You can either call me at (615) 332-5201 and I can take your info over the phone or you can enroll securely online here:

Enroll as a Saba Associate 
with Saba ACE

Enroll as a Saba Associate with Saba Trim Pro

Enroll as a Saba Associate with          X-Treme 5000

Enroll as a Saba Distributor with Saba ACE!

Enroll as a Saba Distributor with Saba Trim Pro!

Enroll as a Saba Distributor with X-Treme 5000!

You will choose one of the following 4 Business Kits to begin:

  • $59 Starter Pack: The $59 Starter Kit includes 1 bottle of your choice of Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000, 7 – 2 count trial packs and more, and is a good way to get your business started.
  • $109 Starter Pack Plus: The $109 Starter Plus Kit includes 2 – 60 count bottles of Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000 and 14 – 2 count trial packs, offering a better way to build your business.
  • $235 Accelerator Pack: The $235 Accelerator Kit includes 6 – 60 count bottles of Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000, giving you everything needed to kick start your health regimen and your business.
  • $435 Momentum Pack*: The $435 Momentum Kit includes 12 – 60 count bottles of Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000, and is the best way to build your business. Plus you now qualify for Momentum Pay, which offers FOUR generations of matching bonus after you enroll only four new Preferred Customers or Associates!
    *Best Value!

Next, Choose Your AutoShip (not charged until it ships a month after your Enrollment):

  • $50 AutoShip, Qualifies You For 10% Pay Leg Commissions
    1 – 60 count bottle Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000 & 7 – 2 count trial packs
  • $100 AutoShip*, Qualifies You For ALL Levels Of Commissions, plus you will be able to be included in our Bonus Pools!
    2 – 60 count bottles Saba ACESaba Trim Pro or X-Treme 5000 & 14 – 2 count trial packs
    *Best Value!

Once you have submitted your enrollment, I will email to you the receipt for your order and the username and password for your Saba “Back Office”. Then we will setup a time for some personal training about the business plan and the Company!

Your order will be shipped out right away and you will be on your way! 

How great is it to work for a company that sells products that help people stick to a low calorie diet and have lasting energy.  It’s not magic and it’s not difficult to understand.  Quality training, great technology, and products that actually work.  After all the research was in, it was easy for us to choose Saba.  The compensation, the products and the support at the home office is second to none.  The President is just a phone call away.  The commitment and the financial stability is there and we dare you to find a better network marketing company out there.  We are building a strong team and looking for strong teammates.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, just follow our lead.  Helping people live a healthier lifestyle and getting paid for it is GREAT!!

Please give me a call anytime at (615) 332-5201 if you have any questions!

We look forward to your success!

Steven & Donna Sigmon
Independent Saba Associates

Saba Platinum Directors
Saba ACE
Call or Text Me: 615-332-5201
Email Me:
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